Tucson Velodrome

Arizona’s first and only velodrome is coming to Musselman Honda Circuit in Tucson, Arizona

The Tucson Velodrome Groundbreaking Event was a Success!!!   Featured speakers included Olympic athlete and native Tucsonan Sky Christopherson, Women’s Tour de France racer Kathryn Bertine, Olympic Silver Medalist Mari Holden, Velodrome Designer Peter Junek and southern Arizona dignitaries who talked about the exciting future of cyclists and the whole community benefiting from the Tucson Velodrome. View these KGUN 9 news reports on the Groundbreaking Event here:

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We are delighted to announce Arizona’s first Olympic-style velodrome that was voted on and approved by the Pima County Board of Supervisors. The amended lease authorizes Southern Arizona Kart Club, Inc. to move forward with the design and development of the Tucson Velodrome. 

Pima County and Tucson, Arizona is one of the top destinations for cycling in the United States. Pima County and area cities have made substantial investments in cycling infrastructure and promotion to encourage a healthier lifestyle for residents and increase cycling-related tourism.

Track Type

An aluminum velodrome will be built to suit Tucson’s climate which will allow it to withstand the high temperatures in summer and allow year-round use. The project will include a 250-meter Velodrome with 40 Degree banked turns, and in addition, facilities such as the access tunnel, Musco lighting, restrooms, ancillary buildings, and grandstand seating. Designed by Peter Junek of Junek Velodromes.

A New Initiative

The Tucson Velodrome Citizens Committee

Since the 1970’s, groups and organizations have tried with no success to build a velodrome in southern Arizona. In 2019, six interested supporters came together with a goal to build an AIC-certified 250-meter track.

Since that time, the Tucson Velodrome Citizens Committee (TVCC) has grown to more than two dozen members. Incorporation as a non-profit organization has now been completed.

Our goal and plans for bringing a successful velodrome to Tucson now move forward.


Musselman Honda Circuit

Musselman Honda Circuit is the area adjacent to the Pima County Fairgrounds.

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Planned Location

Musselman Honda Circuit

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Expected Users &

Possible Customers

Existing Community

Tucson has a well-earned reputation as the “Winter Training Capital” of the U.S. for cycling and many other endurance sports. Tucson boasts a rich diversity in local competitive cycling. Tucson has a strong cycling-oriented culture including a distinguished history of hosting the largest perimeter cycling event in the country for nearly 40 years. Tucson is home to many smaller events throughout Pima County, Arizona and approximately 25 competitive cycling teams.

New Enthusiasts and Youth Programs

The TVCC envisions the velodrome as a premier multiuse facility which will provide a number of positive benefits to both the local community and the Southwest. Not only will the facility provide the community an opportunity to view exciting racing in a spectator-friendly environment, but also a venue for training and corporate events. The track could be used by other sports such as hand cycling and inline skating. The velodrome will provide a prime location for youth cycling and safety training.

Partnering with local schools and youth organizations will allow the velodrome to offer the opportunity for youth to experience a healthy and active lifestyle. The track will provide youth with a safe and welcoming environment to have fun on a bike and lead to better exercise habits.


We expect tourism in conjunction with Tucson's international reputation as a destination. The Tucson Velodrome will also benefit from the existing book of business present with co-located venues.

Regional Customer Base

There are numerous junior cycling programs throughout throughout Arizona, the region, and Mexico that will utilize the Tucson Velodrome. We will establish partnerships with junior cycling programs to help increase junior participation at events. The new velodrome site will be an additional resource for safety and education clinics for adults and children.

Other Community Events

Finally, the velodrome is designed to accommodate other community activities. The design allows for a spectator friendly environment and the infield allows for other activities to use the track as a stadium. Other events could include: concerts, meetings, and sporting events. Partners may be:
> Paralympic events
Other cycling events such as hand cycling, tandem racing, and other categories recognized by the Para-Olympics can be hosted at the facility.
> Performing arts and exhibitions
The infield of the velodrome provides the perfect setting for concerts, plays, and other open-air performances.
> Science fairs
Again, the open infield provides ample space for booths and fairs. The track itself could be used for some experiments.
> Speed skating (inline skating)
Similar to cycling events, speed skating requires a smooth, car free area to race. The velodrome provides the perfect location for skating events.
The infield will provide an excellent space for expos and events
The TVCC believes the velodrome project will be an excellent investment in the community and consistent with Pima County’s recreation mission. The Tucson Velodrome will be the first in Arizona and provide a much-needed resource to Tucson and all of Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada, northern Mexico, and for athletes in northern states and Canada during the winter. The Tucson Velodrome will cement Tucson’s status as the “outdoor training capital” of the U.S. and make it one of the top destinations for cycling. It is time for our community and cyclists throughout the U.S. to come together and support the development, construction, and operations of this much-needed structure and facility.
Alan Fischer – Andy Anderson
 Bob Francis – Bruce Pogosaew
Bruce Wright – Lance Jones
Kathryn Bertine – Joey Iuliano
Nancy Ellis – Chris O’Neill
Charles Quiroz – Don Melhado 
Douglas Lowell -Elizabeth Lowell 
Glenn McCreedy – Gord Fraser
Ignacio Rosales – Curtis Gunn 
Tracy Barclay – Marc Colbert -Todd Mion

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